Schaeffler materials for Aftermarket use

Dear customers,

Since we receive questions about the quality and possible applications of our different materials from our aftermarket customers from time to time, we would like to hand out the below information.

Based on a well-founded research and development program, we are an indispensable partner and ISO/TS 16949 certified supplier for all known clutch- and vehicle manufacturer since decades. The field of applications of our facings are extensive: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, cross-country vehicles, special-purpose vehicles and machines, which in turn are used all over the world under normal and extremely arduous conditions. We are able to offer the appropriate material for all applications. From Low-Cost to High Tech, as for example problem solver for judder and wear applications, we have a wide range of qualities in our production range, which leaves no questions open, no friction problems unsolved.

The materials described below are produced in a special manufacturing process, based on extrusion, which dispense with the use of solvent during production of the ribbon. As a pioneer for this environmentally friendly manufacturing method, we consciously do not use any heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chrome-VI or mercury.

Despite of this self-imposed restriction, we - as the worldwide biggest clutch facing manufacturer - are able to produce materials with outstanding efficiency meeting highest requirements. Therefore, our OEM material B-8080 with produced parts of more than 110 million pieces, is the benchmark for our competitors since years.

Subsequently we would like to introduce following qualities:

Material B-4088: our well-priced material is based on a glass yarn with copper reinforcement. It is primarily used in the AM and has proved itself million fold in unproblematic applications.

Material B-8060: our solution with a very good price / performance ratio, showing consistently good results and is suitable for all dimensions and applications. It is also based on a glass yarn, but with an increased copper content.

Material B-8080: the benchmark material, originally developed for passenger car OEM applications, is also used for commercial vehicles and busses due to good wear results in the lower temperature range. In the version 'S' (sandwich or double layer design) once more modified to high burst strength. In addition to reduced glass and higher copper content, it is already based on an aramide / kevlar portion.

Material B-8090 S: our TOP material in regard to wear-resistant applications, designed for commercial OEM vehicles. Due to its excellent wear characteristics, fading stability, burst strength and very good comfort characteristics, it is also used in the pass car racing / tuning sector for high-torque engines. B-8090 S has the largest aramid / kevlar content of these materials.

A more detailed description of the technical parameters can be found here. If you need more detailed information like bench test results, please get in touch with us.

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